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“Couples” Cabins

The Couples cabins include a double bed and a terrace for two. Relax and enjoy the tree’s embrace. Visitors must be at least 12 or 16, depending on access type.

Discover our Couples Cabins

“General Public” Cabins

Accessible to all over 2 years of age, these cabins can accommodate 4-6 people. They are equipped with one double bed and two or four single beds, as well as chairs and armchairs on the terrace for observing the birds and squirrels! You’ll also find toys for the kids.

You’ll also find toys for the kids.

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Terms concerning the tree houses

Real cozy nests, the tree houses are havens of peace and rest, surrounded by nature: they are not connected to water or electricity.
We ask you to arrive at the tree houses at 2pm, 4pm or 6pm, and to leave before 11am on the day of departure.

Our tree houses include:

Upon arrival, you are provided with a bag containing:

You must arrive with:

Breakfast (as well as dinner if you order it!) will be dropped off at the bottom of the tree in the morning.

Intérieur cabane Grand Hêtre

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