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Welcome to the land of flavors!

Local cheeses

Cheese holds a special place in Norman gastronomy. Who doesn’t know Camembert, Pont-l'évêque and Livarot? On the other hand, some may not have heard of Neufchâtel, the certified regional cheese that comes in the shape of a heart, a square or a log.

Other culinary specialties

Seafood is another regional specialty; among others there is the “marmite dieppoise,” a sort of Channel seafood fricassee finished in butter, crème fraîche and herbs. You can also try hake or Normandy sole..

The “Canard à la Rouennaise” is an old regional recipe for duck.

As for beef, don’t forget that Normandy is cattle country. Certainly you’ve heard of the famous “Normandy escalope” à la crème. Yum!

Along the same lines you’ll also find “Auge Valley veal chops” and its sublime mix of veal, mushrooms, crème fraîche and Calvados.

Made with apple... or hop.

Normandy is also, and above all, the apple country. For dessert you can order “douillons,” which is fruit rolled in batter (usually apples, but pears are just as good).

As for drinks, why not start out with a delicious pommeau (a mixture of Calvados and apple juice). And with your meal, have some Farm cider, or a Northmen beer – so good it makes Belgians and Germans cry – which is produced at la Chapelle Saint Ouen near Fontaine-Châtel. And to round out a meal, the stout-hearted will have a calvados, with its unmistakable odor and fruit flavor...but not too much, or you may have a problem with the constable!