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“General Public” Cabins

The “Canyon” Cabin

The “Canyon” cabin owes its name to the grounds on which it was constructed.

Topping out at 5 meters above the forest floor, the cabin’s easy accessibility makes it ideal for older visitors, those who don’t like heights, or families with children (at least six years old).

The cabin is equipped with a double bed and two single beds. You’ll also find portable space heaters for chilly nights and a basin and water jug for a refreshing morning cleanup.

A dry toilette is located just outside the bedroom door.

Chairs, armchairs and a table await you on the terrace. So do the birds and squirrels!

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The “Robin Hood” Cabin

Perched just 4 meters off the ground and accessible to 2-year-olds, this cabin is perfect for grandparents looking to spend vacation time with their grandkids.

A winding staircase leads you to a spacious and highly secure terrace with all the charm of a lazy Caribbean afternoon.

The “Robin Hood” consists of two huts that can accommodate three people each, connected by a thatched roof that also shelters a large table for passing memorable evenings.

On the ground below you’ll find swings and other amusements for the kids.

The dry toilette is in a separate room

The twin oak trees provide physical support and a warm welcome to “Robin Hood” visitors. And to improve stability a third oak has been “replanted” to serve as the central pillar around which the staircase winds its way up to the cabin.

Click here to see photos of the “Robin Hood” cabin!

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